Life on the Lake

Jeffrey Dungan

It’s almost officially summertime by my account, although unofficially I have always held the feeling that when school is out summer has begun. Vacations to the beach or mountains are hallmarks of life and the memories we make with our families and friends last a lifetime. As Porgy and Bess sang “summertime and the livin’ is easy” no truer words have perhaps ever been said of the warm months. I have come to enjoy and appreciate the easy living of lake life if for no other reason than the easy accessibility in our region. I think there is so much to do at the lake wherever that lake may be for any of us. For me growing up on a farm, I just loved grabbing my handy fishing pole and heading out on an adventure to nearby lakes and ponds. Out on a little john boat or a skiff the hours would quietly melt away, punctuated by the occasional splashes of bass or bream dancing on the end of the line.

Then there’s swimming when it just gets too hot. Jumping off the dock, rope swing or boat and into the water seeks relief from the wrath of the Southern summer sun. When we design homes at the lake, we always take into account that unalterable solar force that gives us light and warmth. I like to think we design more like people did 100 years before us when they could not walk over to the wall and push a button to make the temperature more comfortable. It is very important to use porches and the longer overhanging eaves to provide shade and shelter from the sun and summer storms. We study the path of the sun over the site and begin to form thoughts about how the house lays based on these factors.

Along with those all-important views of the lake and the undulating contours of that particular piece of the earth- the design starts to emerge. I believe that if you listen to the site, the house will design itself. Well almost…If only the thoughtful design of a house was as easy as the summertime living we hope to do there! Whatever lake you might call home, I hope it’s a fun and enjoyable place and will raise a glass to summertime fun!