The Art of the Hand Drawn Sketch

In my experience over the last twenty five years of working in the design industry the art of drawing is fundamental and irreplaceable to the practice of architecture and the making of great places.  I will add that I found a love for drawing as young boy growing up in a rural and bucolic setting before other means of recreation were available. My love for drawing then grew into painting both in watercolor and oil and then to a deep appreciation of art from the old masters to the abstract impressionists and pop art.
There are too many compelling reasons that hand drawing and the practice of architecture are made for each other but I will outline a few.  First is the dream.  Architecture is about dreams becoming realized and dreams begin in the heart and move into the mind from there. They can be transmitted in forms such as words in poetry and song powerfully but I never met an architect who sang a presentation.  Therefore it is by hand that dreams enter the world and the vision of the dream can be shared.
I will also mention that to the client the sketch is like magic and is inspiring and powerful seeing their dreams come to life. If a designer is brave enough to sketch in front of them it is more compelling than the greatest oral argument one can muster. It is intimate and similar to sharing a meal with another person, because it truly becomes an unwritten bond between the two people.  It is hard to explain but over all the years I have come to see it as an undeniable truth.