The Gifts of Fall

Jeffrey Dungan

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Lots of reasons, not the least of which are cooler temperatures more occasional breezes, and football- with the colors of changing leaves ushering us into the holidays. There is something in the fall that makes me want to nest, build a fire and cook some comfort food. It’s a good time to let the changing seasons remind us about life and its fleeting nature, knowing that the seasons will continue on without us as they did before us. Reminding me to cherish the gift of the seasons of life, people in my life, gifts I have been given. One of the biggest gifts I have personally been given is the ability to imagine and to draw, not only the ability to see, but through it to help others see.

I was lucky enough to find a love for drawing as a young boy growing up in a rural, bucolic setting before other means of recreation were available. My love for drawing grew to painting both in watercolor and oil and then- into an abiding appreciation of art from the romantic washes of William Turner to the abstract drawings of Picasso and Lichtenstein’s powerful pop art. What has lasted through many seasons- is the love affair of imagination and pencil and paper. In my experience over the last twenty five years of practicing architecture, the communicative art of drawing is fundamental to the process of creating great places, and one of the great joys in my life

The sketch is more compelling than the greatest oral argument one can muster. It is intimate and similar to sharing a meal with another person, as it truly becomes an unwritten connection between the people it is shared with.  First comes the dream- of how life could be. Architecture is really about making dreams become realized- these desires begin in the heart and move into the mind from there. But it is by the creative hand that they are born into the world and in that moment the dream becomes real.

I hope for you also, enjoyment of the refreshing winds of fall as we journey into the holidays- even as the dreams of one year wane, new ones becomes nascent. I hope you hold fast to your dreams, see some come true, and treasure your gifts in this glorious colorful season.

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