Birmingham HOME & GARDEN

Don and Grace Dickinson never considered retiring to the beach or the mountains.

They always knew they wanted to stay put on the rolling hills and woodlands where they’d lived and raised their family for 16 years. More than 150 acres in Springville, just east of Trussville, was home to the Dickinsons, and they had no desire to leave.

But when their four children began leaving home, the Dickinsons realized they did want to leave their sprawling, fivebedroom house with its two dens, four bathrooms and three-acre yard. Their solution was  to sell the big house, then design and build their own lowmaintenance home on a special spot on their own land. T he result is an upscale cottage in the woods, a perfect fit for its inhabitants and their lifestyle and a dream home for anyone who loves the outdoors.

“We looked at our lifestyle and we realized that we were basically living in two or three rooms of our house,” says Don Dickinson. “We didn’t need that much space, so we wanted to design a home that fit the way we lived.Read more