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A Modern Alys Beach Retreat with a Lighthouse-Like Structure

With its sinuous architecture and bright white stucco exterior popping against an endless backdrop of sea and sky, a family’s vacation home feels more like a resort in Santorini than the Florida getaway spot that it is. “I saw the architecture and said, ‘Wow!’” remembers the homeowner, who retreats here from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with her husband and their two children. “It feels like you’re in Greece or some other exotic locale.”

For longtime friend and architect Jeffrey Dungan, the 1,640-square-foot lot and beautiful seaside-town setting of Alys Beach presented an exciting building opportunity. “It’s a very specific piece of property,” says Dungan, who worked with general superintendent John Spears to bring his vision to fruition. “Because of its footprint, we had to build up. So I decided to have a tower as a focal point. I call it a crown.” Designing in white stucco to meld with the community’s aesthetic, plus having to meet hurricane standards and town codes, challenged Dungan to create something unique. “I wanted to do a really elegant, simple structure,” he says, “stacking windows on top of one another.” And, of course, include balconies at every opportunity to take advantage of views and ocean breezes.  Read more