Southern Home

Nurturing Nature

the pastoral community of Shoal Creek, an idyllic town along the banks of one of Alabama’s finest shoals, this pristine home serves as a place of tranquility. What began as a carte blanche has morphed into a sophisticated balance of quiet femininity and unpretentious strength. The warm ivory walls of the home’s interior float effortlessly along the vistas of the residence, and the home’s earthy tones pay homage to the private, serene landscape of the property. The soft and simple curves of the interior are juxtaposed in a stark contrast to the stately exterior with its hard lines and European-inspired parapets.

When Jeff Dungan designed this home, his goal was to create a timeless elegance that matched the homeowners’ personalities. “With all of the heavier architectural features outside, we wanted to balance that with a light airiness,” Dungan says. “So when we started in the living room, we designed the entire space to be transparent.” Working alongside Dungan was a duo from Richard Tubb Interiors, Gary Olivieri and Richard Tubb.  Read more