Southern Accents

Urbane Aesthetic

Incorporating Palladian concepts and museum–         style detailingBirmingham architect Jeff Dungan      creates an artful house for designer Richard Tubb.

The Italian Villa concept that Birmingham architect Jeff Dungan developed for a new house in a historic neighborhood derives from the classical proportions, symmetry, and concise forms of 16thcentury architect Andrea Palladio. The initial direction Dungan got from his client, Birmingham designer Richard Tubb, was classic too-a floor plan sketched on a napkin. From the beginning, both men agreed that the architecture would function as a restrained modifier of Tubb‘s interior design.

A limestone front facade, a standinseam bronze hipped roof, symmetrical downs pouts, and a minimum of fenestration are elements of formal museum architecture.  ln contrast, the heavy wood portico and double rear porches are weathered and rustic. “The building was conceived as a repository  for Richards talent,”says Dungan. My intention  was to create the appropriate  envelope for it.” Read more