Stone Wall Fish Camp

Described by its owner as “a series of rooftops happily cascading down the hillside,” this lake house is a compound that rambles over quite a bit of land before ending at the water level of Lake Martin. The topographic challenges actually resulted in opportunities that seemed appropriate for the home’s geologist owner. To take advantage of the site’s views, the house was positioned at a higher elevation. Living areas span the lake side of the house and are wrapped by a three-sided porch that offers shade and outdoor entertaining space. Due to the steep terrain and the distance of travel, paths to the lake were made less cumbersome by creating small destinations along the way. From the porch, one path leads down to a grotto, while the other path makes it way to a grassy lawn where children can play. The two paths converge at the covered entrance to a bar and lounge area (if a drink is needed) before continuing down to the lake.