Our office was built with predominantly natural or reclaimed items, creating a feeling that is peaceful and comfortable. For a firm doing primarily residential design, it has become a showroom. Four different hardwood floors, some over 100 years old, were used to achieve the random feeling of an old barn or bar. The window units came from an old ribbon factory in Anniston, Alabama. Steel plate was added to promote privacy and also provide display space for drawings using magnets.

In the heart of the office is an oval onyx table that is back-lit and used as a light table for sketching. Drapery panels were added to promote privacy and dampen sound in the open office space. Old pallet wood and two over-sized resin light fixtures were hung from the bar joists, elegantly positioned through the center of the studio. The project was completed in 10 weeks and has become a proud part of a renaissance in the English Village area.