Spring House Restaurant

From the beginning, the design concept for this restaurant was about creating an appropriate response to the laid-back lifestyle that lake living embodies. The architectural style also needed to connect with an agrarian or rural vernacular. One challenge was creating an environment that, from the exterior, felt unassuming and yet possessed a simple elegance. The exterior scheme reduces what could be an intimidating scale by using traditional farm-house components such as a dog-trot or a shutter porch. The beauty of this design is that it gives a familiar feeling of “times gone by” that many people can easily relate to.

The interior of the Spring House Restaurant offers a flexible design, as it can create multiple massing and layout options. The rustic elegance of the dining halls and the airy exterior dining terraces allow customers to fully personalize their dining experience. Patrons can meander through the underground wine cellars to dine in the partially buried “cistern” dining room. The final result is a restaurant that has become both a local favorite and a traveler destination.