Tennessee River House

A successful businessman sold his company, and as part of the deal, was required to move to Knoxville, Tennessee. Having long been used to lake living in his native Alabama, he and his wife wanted to find a spot that would allow them to continue their life long love of being close to the water. They located such a site on the Tennessee River in a place appropriately called “Lake Loudon”. The rolling pasture-like site had great water access and views, and few trees creating a wide open kind of scenery. They hoped to make a place for their grown children to return to them with their grandchildren. The design engages and embeds the house into the hillside to become part of the landscape rather than sit in the middle of the field. The house was rotated slightly away from a straight on view of the river to shield from western sun, in favor of the northern exposure which opened up longer views of the Tennessee River, also allowing for more liberal use of windows in the main living space.